Frequently Asked Questions

My Pressure Seal Machine Has No Power.

Most of our pressure seal machines have Emergency Cut Off Switches. Look for a round red switch on the machine and turn it in the direction of the arrow. 

If your machine still does not have power, and you have an ES2000, ES3000, or ES5500, make sure that both fold plates are fully snapped into the machine.

If your machine still does not have power, next check the fuse which is typically located near where the electric cord plugs into the machine. Look for a tiny 1” rectangular door which can be opened. If the fuse looks blown, you can go to your nearby hardware store for a replacement. Be sure to unplug the machine before removing the fuse.

Lastly, if the above steps do not restore power, please call your servicing dealer or Paitec USA for further assistance.

After My Pressure Seal Forms Are Printed On My Laser Printer, The Forms Tend To Curl Slightly. Will This Be A Problem For The Pressure Sealing Machine?

Yes, if your pressure seal form is curled from the heat of your printer or from the humidity of your office, the form may not feed properly into the pressure seal machine. The best way to test for form curls or waviness is to place 10 or so forms taken directly from the printer and create a pile on a table top. Then step back a few feet and look at the pile for curling or waviness. If you see either symptom, then you will need to manually roll back the curled corners in the stack of printed forms before placing them in the pressure seal machine feed table. If manually adjusting the curl of the forms does not resolve a feeding issue, contact your dealer or Paitec USA for further suggestions.

Do I Need To “Fan” Separate My Pressure Seal Forms Before I Put Them Into The Feed Tray Of My Pressure Seal Machine?

You do not need to “fan” separate your stack of pressure seal forms if they are being placed in a top feeding pressure seal machine such as those offered by Paitec USA since only the top sheet is pulled. In a bottom feeding machine however you may need to fan the forms to minimize the possibility of more than one sheet being pulled at a time because the weight of the entire stack may make the process of pulling only the bottom sheet more troublesome.

How Can I Minimize The Chance Of Document Misfeeds In My Pressure Seal Machine?

There are a few reasons why pressure seal forms occasionally misfeed in pressure seal machines. In some situations it is the pressure seal forms themselves that cause the misfeed because the forms have poor quality perforations which separate going through the machine, or the form stock is too easily curled during the laser printing process. So make sure that you work closely with your pressure forms supplier to purchase the best quality form within your budget.

It is also important to regularly clean the feed and sealer rollers to eliminate possible problems from a build-up of paper dust or laser toner ink on the rollers. You will also want to work with your local dealer to replace any rollers which have worn down from normal use.

Lastly, it is possible that the fold plate setting for your pressure seal machine have slightly changed due to a loosened setting knob. Be sure to occasionally check the settings and the knob tightness before processing your forms.

How Do I Remove A Jam From My Machine?

Please refer to the jam removal directions in your Operator  Manual. If you cannot find the manual, Click Here to go to our Download Center  to find and download the manual for your machine.

If the jam is visible to you in the fold or seal rollers when you open or remove the fold plates (or slide out the fold drum on ES5000), look for the Jam Removal Tool on the ES2000, ES3000, or ES5500 under the top fold plate. On the ES5000, it is in front of the seal rollers which you can access once you slide out the fold drum unit. On the ES7000, ES8000, MX6000/9000, MX8000/13000, you should have a custom made ratchet.

Be sure to unplug the machine before attempting to remove the tool or ratchet.

On the ES2000, ES3000, ES5000, or ES5500, TURN OFF THE MACHINE and then place the Jam Removal Tool in the leverage holes in one of the seal rollers and pull the tool in the OPPOSITE direction of the jam. If the jam is in the entry side of the rollers, you want to roll the forms back toward the feed table side of the machine. If the jam is in the exit side of the rollers, turn the rollers toward the exit path of the machine. Basically, you do not want to try and force the jammed forms further into the jam!

On the ES7000, ES8000, MX6000/9000, or MX8000/13000, TURN OFF THE MACHINE and then place the ratchet on the bolt on the backside of the machine and turn in the appropriate direction as indicated above.

TRYING TO EJECT JAMMED PAPER IN THE WRONG DIRECTION CAN BREAK GEARS AND BELTS. If you are not comfortable attempting to remove the jam, call your local servicing dealer or Paitec USA for assistance.

My Machine Seems To Be Double Feeding Or Jamming A Lot All Of A Sudden. What Can I Do To Resolve This Situation?

Have you recently received a new batch of forms? If so, it is likely that the fold perforations are slightly different than your previous batch. Use a millimeter ruler or the ruler sticker on many of our machines to measure the folds.  If you need help obtaining those measurements, call your local servicing dealer or Paitec USA.

If you are still using your same batch of forms, it is likely that your infeed rollers, fold rollers, or seal rollers are dirty with ink or toner.  

Please refer to the cleaning directions in your Operator  Manual. If you cannot find our manual, Click Here to go to our Download Center  to find and download the manual for your machine.

On all machines except the MX6000/9000 and MX8000/13000, use a rubber cleaner or rubber rejuvenator solution available at many hardware stores to carefully clean the rubber rollers. On the MX6000/9000 or MX8000/M13000, use denatured or non-isopropyl alcohol on the rubber rollers. For the metal seal rollers, use Goof Off or a similar cleaner to carefully wipe off the ink and toner.

If cleaning all of the rubber and metal rollers does not resolve the feeding and jamming issue, it may be time to replace the infeed rollers on your machine. Call your local servicing dealer or Paitec USA for further assistance.

My Machine Seems To Be Running Very Hot. Why?

Each of our machines is rated by us for recommended monthly volumes. You can find those volume on each machine’s brochure located on this website by going to the appropriate page for your machine. Those monthly volumes are based on 22 days of normal business use. If you divide the recommended monthly volume by 22, that will tell you our recommended daily volume. If you are notably exceeding that daily volume or running lots of large batches consecutively, it is likely that you need to let the machine cool down completely between reasonably sized batches. If you have any questions, call Paitec USA or Contact Us here for further information.

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