My Machine Seems To Be Double Feeding Or Jamming A Lot All Of A Sudden. What Can I Do To Resolve This Situation?

Have you recently received a new batch of forms? If so, it is likely that the fold perforations are slightly different than your previous batch. Use a millimeter ruler or the ruler sticker on many of our machines to measure the folds. If you need help obtaining those measurements, call your local servicing dealer or Paitec USA.

If you are still using your same batch of forms, it is likely that your infeed rollers, fold rollers, or seal rollers are dirty with ink or toner.

Please refer to the cleaning directions in your Operator Manual. If you cannot find our manual, Click Here to go to our Download Center to find and download the manual for your machine.

On all machines except the MX6000/9000 and MX8000/13000, use a rubber cleaner or rubber rejuvenator solution available at many hardware stores to carefully clean the rubber rollers. On the MX6000/9000 or MX8000/M13000, use denatured or non-isopropyl alcohol on the rubber rollers. For the metal seal rollers, use Goof Off or a similar cleaner to carefully wipe off the ink and toner.

If cleaning all of the rubber and metal rollers does not resolve the feeding and jamming issue, it may be time to replace the infeed rollers on your machine. Call your local servicing dealer or Paitec USA for further assistance.

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